At last! Fast effectiveness and sensitive care go hand by hand.

Nail polish remover
Dermatologically tested

Safe nail polish removal, ensuring shiny healthy nails. Prevents respiratory track irritation and is environmental friendly. Ideal for natural and artificial nails.

Intensive care hand cream

Intensive hand care with triple action: anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antioxidant.
Quickly absorbed, leaving a velvety feeling of freshness. Contains super-concentrated chamomile flower extract and Cupuacu Butter.


Nail strengthener & anti-biting gel

Double action product. Discourages nail- biting and makes nail grow faster and look healthier.
Contains keratin, myrrh extract, glycerin, panthenol and allantoin. Suitable for adults and children. Free of harmful organic solvents.

Anti-brown spot hand cream, SPF 15

Restores natural skin color.
Amazing results within a month.

Foot deodorant spray lotion

Foot deodorant spray lotion with triple action: antimicrobial, refreshing and extra deodorizing.
Acts against unpleasant foot smell, without blocking sweet glands natural function.
Relieves and refreshes tired feet.

Gel for tired legs

Restores the feminine look of your legs.
Reduces the appearance of swollen legs and spider veins with peppermint, aloe, escin and butcher’s broom extract.
Immediate relief and relaxation.


Nourishing cream for cracked heals

Instantly visible results, with multiple action: deep moisturizing, keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative. Contains 15% urea, lactic acid, provitamin B5, allantoin and glycerin.


Cuticle remover gel

Removes cuticles, quickly and easy without injuries or stinging. Contains urea, glycerin, papain and ginseng. Highly effective formula suitable for natural and artificial nails.


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